What does digital mean?

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When a person says that something is “digital,” it usually refers to the way that an electronic item or some new technology has been made. Something that is digital, such as a computer, a TV, or some music, is something that uses special coding called “discrete signals.” These signals are often made up of sequences of numbers that the machine (like a computer or TV) can translate into images or sounds! Digital signals are different than previous versions of storing information because they take up less space and often send a better picture or sound that is more clear!

Examples of things that are digital include CD’s and DVD’s, music referred to as MP3’s, most new televisions, computers, and more!

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    Back in the day!Before digital technology was invented, many things worked differently! For example, before people started using CD's and MP3's to listen to music, they listed to cassette tapes and records! And before movies were watched on DVD's, they were stored on something called VHS tapes!

    Find out if your parents or grandparents still have any of these older things in the house. Ask them to show you the tapes or records. What are some of the differences and similarities that you notice? If the old tapes or records still work, try watching or listening to them. Do you notice a difference in what you see or hear?



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