What does dead mean?

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“Dead” refers to what happens when a body stops working. People, pets, and other living things die for many different reasons; old age, disease, and accidents are some of them. Many people die when they are very old because getting older can make it harder for the body to get better. Not everyone is the same – when healthy people get sick, medicine helps us get better because our bodies are strong. But when a person's body is not strong and it can't be fixed anymore, it stops working and they die.

When a body is dead, it does not do any of the things it used to do like talking, moving, smelling, laughing or crying. The dead body cannot feel anything so they are not sad, or scared. Think about something you might have once seen such as a goldfish that died – it didn't swim anymore, you could tell that the goldfish was dead and was not feeling the water, the cold, the heat, or any pain at all. The same is true for people.

Every living thing dies; there is a cycle of life. A butterfly is a beautiful example. It starts as larvae, then it becomes a caterpillar, then it becomes a chrysalis, and then it becomes a butterfly. When it becomes a butterfly it lives for awhile and then it dies and that life cycle is over. The cycle then starts again with another young caterpillar!

When someone's body stops working and they die, people are sad and usually cry a lot because they will miss the person. It is OK to be sad and cry when someone you love dies, it can help you feel better. There are many other things you can do to feel better too, like talking to others, writing, drawing, and remembering happy and fun times with that person.

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