What does an artist do?

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There are a lot of different types of art! There’s dance, and there is sculpture. There is painting, and there is music. For every piece of art there is a creator or group of creators, and those are the artists. When most people think about artists, they think about visual artists. These are the people who paint, draw, sculpt, carve, photograph, and build the creative displays you might see in an art museum or even hanging in your home. 

Anyone can be an artist. It just takes some time to put creative energy into a project. It is not always a full time job. Many artists have other jobs, and they use the money they make to pay for their art supplies and shows. Many artists’ works are not even appreciated while the artist is alive. Vincent van Gogh is recognized as a famous painter today, but he only sold one painting while he was alive! 

Some living artists are successful too. Thomas Kinkade is a very good example of that. Many homes have a print of his paintings hanging up somewhere. Most artists do not create because it makes them rich. They do it because they love what they do.

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    What Makes a "Good" Artist?

    There are many reasons why you might say someone is a good artist. It could be because their work is popular. It could be because they invent new techniques and make their own style. It could be because their work is realistic.  Often it is just because an artist's work gets a strong response from people. The art can make people feel things. Imagine how powerful a painting could be if it can easily make someone calm, excited, or happy! 

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    Finding your Art!

    Would you like to be an artist? What type of art do you like best? Are you a dancer? Do you like to draw? If you want to be a painter, you don’t have to paint the Mona Lisa on your first try. You probably never will paint the Mona Lisa, but you may paint something just as wonderful that is unique to you, your skills, and whatever message you want to share with the world.

    Try different art forms. Tell a story with clay or with a picture or with the movement of your body. See what you like the most. You may find skills you never knew you had. You may find a new hobby or you might find something that you want to make a serious part of your life. Whatever the outcome, the journey will be very fun! And don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Pencils have erasers, and paint can be painted over.

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