What does an actor do?

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Actors are storytellers. They help tell stories in plays, musicals, movies, televisions shows and even some radio programs! Actors spend a lot of time auditioning for roles, memorizing lines, rehearsing and performing. While you may know about some famous actors from movies or Broadway, the majority of actors are not famous.   

Actors need to be able to play different characters depending on the script and the role they get cast in. Sometimes it will be a big role called a lead or starring role, while other times the role may have fewer lines and less stage or camera time, and this is called supporting. Remember, both are important!

When performing in a play, actors will spend many weeks and sometimes even months rehearsing with the director and other actors until the show is ready to open. However, in film and television there is often very little rehearsal time before the camera starts rolling!

There are many more actors in the world than parts to cast them in, so being an actor requires a lot of patience and hard work. Actors often have time in-between jobs where they are auditioning and trying to find their next gig.

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    How do I become an actor?

    While some actors become successful from just their natural talent, most actors spend lots of time in school studying and taking classes. Although it can be a lot of fun, acting is also hard work! Many people who start acting when they are younger are involved in school plays and community theater. Students go on to study acting and drama in college or in a special drama program called a conservatory. There are even master’s degree programs in acting at universities around the country. The training needed is different for each and every person.

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    If you want to be an actor, would you like to be in plays, in movies or on television? Do you like funny comedies or serious dramas? Get started today by acting out one of your favorite stories or books!

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