What does a writer do?

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Words, words, words! The answer to “what do writers do” is both simple and complex: They write! 
Anybody at all who writes is a writer. A writer can write stories, poems, news or magazine articles, scripts for TV shows, books, comics, radio programs, plays, musicals, and screenplays. A writer can also write things that you might not think about as being authored, like textbooks, advertisements, and content for websites! (Even the answer you’re reading right now is being written by a writer!)   
Getting a job as a writer is very competitive and usually requires talent, perseverance, and dedication. Some people who work as writers are journalists employed by newspapers, websites, or TV networks. Others write books like novels, short stories, biographies, or memoirs. These writers are sometimes commissioned (paid ahead of time to produce a specific writing project), but also sometimes have to write their book first and then try to sell it to a publishing company later. Some writers also work as freelance writers, meaning they might write a variety of projects for different clients, such as a weekly column for a magazine or a one-time assignment writing the description of a new product. Many writers also do their writing on their own time and have a separate or related job that lets them support themselves while they build up their writing career!
Most people with writing careers usually have college degrees, often in subjects like English or journalism. Many people develop their professional lives as writers over time and must be patient and persistent. Writers also have to read a lot and, write a lot, and love to do it! Lots of writers cite similar reasons why they love writing: Telling stories, being creative, expressing ideas, escaping to new worlds, spreading knowledge, sharing with others, and more!
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    Some people write simply because they enjoy it and they feel it helps them to express themselves. Not everybody who writes does it with the intention of making it into a job; writers can be people who have different careers but also really enjoy writing as simply a hobby!
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    Who are some of your favorite writers? Popular writers among kids often include Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, J.K. Rowling, Judy Blume, Roald Dahl, and C.S. Lewis. Have you read any books by these authors?
    Writing can be lots of fun! Have you ever written a story? If you need, you can tell your story to a grown-up and have him or her help you write it down!
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