What does a veterinarian do?

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Do you love animals? So do veterinarians! Veterinarians are doctors for animals. They examine and care for animals, give them vaccinations and treat their illnesses.
The veterinarians that you may be familiar with often care for cats and dogs, but vets can also treat birds, horses, reptiles, farm animals and zoo animals!    
Veterinarians can care for animals in different ways. Many examine and treat pets in animal hospitals, while others work in big specialty hospitals where they see animals who are having a medical emergency or who have a problem that requires extra care. Other veterinarians work on farms, in zoos, at vet schools or in laboratories.
Did you know there are vets who specialize in the skin (dermatologists), the heart (cardiologist), x-rays (radiologists), the brain (neurologists) and more? Just like doctors for people!

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    Being a veterinarian requires a lot of hard work and studying. Vets have to know how animals’ bodies work inside and out. As we know, animals look different from each other on the outside. A pig looks different from a cow, right? Well, they look different on the inside, too! And while people can tell their doctor why they don’t feel well or what hurts, animals can’t! Veterinarians have to be able to examine the animal, talk to its owner and from there figure out what may be wrong and what tests to run.
    Most vets first go to college for four years and then to veterinary school for four-five years. Getting into vet school is very competitive! Vets then have to pass a series of exams before they can practice. Some follow with an internship, while those who would like to specialize in areas such as surgery, animal behavior or cardiology have to do several more years of study and training. All that hard work can lead to a very rewarding career with our furry friends!

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    whyzz interview with veterinarian Amy Crain BVMS MRCVS

    1) Why did you become a veterinarian?

    I became a vet because I enjoyed helping the animals I grew up with (horses, dogs and cats) feel better if they were ill.

    2) What is your typical day like?

    A typical day is busy! I see appointments during the day, and then have time at lunch to call back our clients to tell them lab results regarding their pet's health, and check up on the pets that I saw that were sick and see how they are doing. I then have surgery for the rest of the afternoon or see more appointments. There's never a dull moment!

    3) What is best part about your job?

    The best part of the job is seeing that I made a difference and helped the owner and animal feel better because I was able to help them. It’s also nice to get to know your clients and establish relationships with them and watch their animals grow! In addition, it’s always therapeutic to get hundreds of kisses from the many puppies we see everyday...makes the job very special!

    Dr. Crain practices at Heart of Chelsea Animal in New York City. She was awarded her degree of veterinary medicine and surgery in Bonne, Scotland where she attended the University of Glasgow.

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