What does a TV Producer do?

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You might not think about it when you’re enjoying your favorite show, but there are a lot of people working behind-the-scenes on TV programs! Among them are TV Producers
A TV Producer’s job is to coordinate almost all of the many different things needed to make and film a show! Producers organize scripts, book special guests, do research, and keep the show in its budget. They also coordinate between the people who write the show, act in it, report for it, design its sets, collect its props, check its lighting, pick out its costumes, and more! A television show’s producer can be a lot like the glue that holds it all together!
To do their job well, TV Producers have to be organized and creative at solving problems. – It’s thanks to their hard work that we can watch the shows we love!
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    Aside from the TV Producer, what are some other off-camera jobs involved in making TV shows that you know about? One good example would be the writers. Another might be the director. What others can you name?
    From what you’ve learned, how does each of these special jobs contribute to the show on the whole??
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