What does a TV Host do?

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Do you watch any shows on TV that are hosted by one or two special presenters? Maybe your favorite animal program is hosted by a funny wildlife expert, or a group of kids always introduces the special guests and new experiments on the science program you really like. These people are all types of TV Hosts!

A TV Host is someone who presents or leads a certain show. The host’s exact job usually depends on the program, but most of the time their job includes things like introducing or interviewing guests, announcing special segments, interacting with the audience, and discussing the topic of the episode. A TV Host has to be comfortable in front of the camera (and usually a live audience too), and able to think quickly if something unexpected happens while filming
What are some of the characteristics of your favorite TV Hosts? Some shows might have hosts who are funny and silly, while others might have hosts who are encouraging and warm. A TV Host is both the face and the personality of a program!
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    Be a TV Show Host!

    Have you ever thought about hosting your own TV Show??
    First, think about an idea for what your program should be about. Is it a news program about what’s happening in your house or your neighborhood? Is it a show about fashion or music? Maybe your show reviews books or movies!
    As the host of your show, think about a few different segments you could include. Can you interview a friend or family member who knows about your topic? Can you do any projects or presentations about your feature? 
    Pick a place to present your show (like the living room or the backyard). If your family has a video camera, ask one of the grown-ups in your house to film it for you! If you don’t, gather up a live audience and present it for your guests!
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