What does a train conductor do?

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Chooo-Chooo! Trains come in lots of shapes and forms: There are subway and light-rail trains that usually operate in cities and help people get to and from shorter distances. There are passenger trains that take people on longer trips. And there are freight trains that transport cargo and goods to their destinations! – But, no matter what the train is carrying, it still needs a conductor or an engineer to get it there!        
The job of a train conductor or a locomotive engineer is to operate the train, oversee all of its activities, and supervise any other members of the train’s crew. Tasks often include inspecting the condition of the train and its cars and operating controls like brakes and throttles. A trains’ engineer must also keep track of its speed and know how the train will react to the type of rails it’s running on, the weight of the train with its passengers and cargo, and the type of route that the train will take! Conductors also often make announcements for passengers, take tickets, and lookout for the overall safety of the train!
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    Have you ever ridden on a train? If so, what kind of train was it? Did the train run at ground level, above ground, or below ground? Where did the train take you to and from, and how long was the ride? What kinds of rail workers did you see or encounter during your train ride? A station agent? A conductor? A ticket-taker??
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