What does a teacher do?

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Do you like to learn? Did you know that your teachers like to learn too? In fact, teachers love to learn,which is why they choose to spend their days helping others enjoy the learning process!

There is more to a teacher’s day than teaching. Teachers plan lessons, which means they spend time finding fun and interesting ways to introduce their students to new information and make sure they understand it. Teachers enjoy getting to know their students and figuring out how they learn best.

Teachers also spend time grading papers, making tests, writing report cards and talking with their students’ parents to let them know how well their children are doing in class. By talking with parents, teachers can also learn more about their students and figure out the best way to help them if need be.

Teachers meet with the grown-ups at their school, like the principal and other teachers. They share ideas and find new ways to make their school a great place.

There are teachers for small children, teachers for elementary, middle and high school kids, and even teachers for college kids and grown-ups!

Pre-school teachers help young children to be comfortable at school and prepare them to start elementary school. Many elementary school teachers teach several subjects, from language arts to math to science! Middle school, high school and college teachers often teach one area, such as Spanish or social studies.

There are also school teachers of electives, such as drama and P.E. Let’s not forget teachers who don’t teach at school but still enjoy sharing their expertise with others, for example, in the areas of dance, pottery or painting!

Most importantly, did you know that teachers learn from their students? You are a unique person with many gifts to share with the world. Your questions and thoughts about life and learning are important to your teachers and inspire them each day!

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  • Further information

    Most school teachers are required to have a college degree. Some teachers have a master’s degree. Many have taken college classes in which they learn how to teach well . They also learn about the area(s) they want to teach, and they explore how to set up a classroom that helps students focus and do their work. Some teachers in training practice teaching under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

    Most school teachers must be certified, which means they have to complete a certain amount of training and possibly pass tests in a variety of areas, including the subjects they will be teaching.

    Teachers never stop learning. They travel to workshops and attend meetings that give them new ideas and help them learn more about different students’ needs.

  • Exploration

    Think of something you enjoy doing. Maybe it’s singing, dancing, or working math problems. Now it’s your turn to be the teacher! Pick a friend, brother, sister or parent to share your talent with.

    Can you think of a way to explain your talent to another person? Can you imagine questions the person may have or guess which parts of the skill might be tricky for him or her to master? What are some ways you can make the process easier to learn? Is there a game you can play or a way you can present the skill that makes it fun or memorable?

    Now it’s time to put your hard work to the test. You get to be the teacher! Enjoy it, and don’t be surprised if you learn something along the way!

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