What does a Police Officer do?

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Most people are already at least a little bit familiar with the job of a Police Officer. We see them on the streets in our neighborhoods, driving around in their cars, and in the news. A Police Officer’s main job is to protect the communities where they work and to enforce laws!  
The job of a Police Office is very important! Because law enforcement is needed all the time, Police Officers work during the night and on weekends and holidays. Some Police Officers spend their days patrolling on foot or in special vehicles, looking for any types of law violations, handing out tickets, and responding to emergencies. At other times, Police Officers work on investigations or make arrests. They also must write up reports and sometimes appear in court.     
Police work can be tense and dangerous. Police Officers must be attentive at all times so they can respond as needed in emergencies, and they must work in all kinds of weather conditions, too. To become a Police Officer, you usually must go through special training at a police academy to learn about things like law, investigations, and self-defense. Police Officers must pass exams to show fitness and need to have characteristics like honesty and good judgment to help them perform their difficult job!
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    What do you think would be some of the most difficult things about working as a Police Officer? What would be some of the most rewarding things about it?
    Are there certain qualities a person might need or want to have in order to do this job? Some good examples might be courage, dependability, and a desire to help one’s community!  
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