What does a photographer do?

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A photographer uses a camera to record his or her surroundings. A photographer can take pictures of everything from kids playing to animals in the jungle to fashion shows to scenes of news events. Photographers can take color or black and white photos, and use many different pieces of equipment to get exactly the picture they want.

For example, a news magazine or newspaper might send a photographer to take a picture of a news event, like a wildfire or the opening of a new factory. School photographers take pictures of students--you might have gotten dressed up to have your portrait taken in school (and told to be really neat and careful of your clothes that day!). Other subjects might include clothes for a catalogue, food for a restaurant menu, wedding photos for an album, or even celebrities for a website!

Some photographers are more artistic they are interested in using their cameras to capture a beautiful landscape, or an interesting face, or an unusual scene. Some photographers want to convey a particular mood or feeling; others might be interested by the way the light and shadows look. A number of photographers are interested in a particular subject a photographer named Ansel Adams, for instance, took lots of black and white pictures of the American West, while Walker Evans was known for his images of the Great Depression in the 1930s. Other photographers might specialize in things like portraits, or pictures of France, or underwater sea creatures. Their work can often be found in large books of photos.


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    All you really need to be a photographer is a camera and a good eye. Choose an object that means something special to you that you want to photograph“”it can be something that you find funny or sweet or beautiful or moving, as long as it has some kind of important meaning for you. Take pictures of the object from different angles and at different times of day. Focus on various details; take some from close up and others from far away. Now you’re clicking!

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