What does a journalist do?

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Extra, extra! Read all about it!! – Have you ever thought about being a journalist? The job of a journalist is to report news and other information to their readers, viewers, and listeners. A journalist can present stories on TV, over the radio, or as written articles for newspapers, magazines, or websites.
In order to write or report their story, journalists have to collect information and do research. This usually means traveling to the scene of the story, like the site of an accident or a special awards ceremony. A journalist not only observes what is happening, but also conducts interviews to get more information. He or she may also have to do background research to find out about the facts and history behind what is happening in the story. 
One very important part of a journalist’s job is to present both sides of the story in a fair way. Can you think of some reasons why that would be important? When a journalist puts aside his or her own feelings and opinions, and presents just the facts, it allows people to make up their mind on their own! 
Journalists work very hard and must often work long hours to cover an important breaking story or meet a deadline. Thanks to them, we're able to know about all of the important and interesting things happening around the world!
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  • Further information

    Many journalists also take pictures at the scene of their story, in addition to collecting information about it. Photo journalists use photographs more than words, telling their story mostly through pictures!

  • Exploration

    Practice being a reporter!
    Have you ever reported a story before? Most likely, you’ve done it without even knowing it! For example, if you told your family a story from school about your classmate who found someone’s lost bracelet on the playground and returned it to its owner, then you reported the event! 
    Next time you see something “news worthy,” think about it from a journalist’s perspective! What can you do to gather information before you present your story?
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