What does a farmer do?

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Have you ever wondered where the food on your plate came from? Sure, you may have bought it at the grocery store, but where did the grocery store get it? Who raises the animals and grows the plants that we eat? These hardworking people are called farmers!

Some farmers raise animals like cows, chickens and fish. Other farmers raise plants like fruits, vegetables and grains. There are even farmers who grow plants for people to enjoy in their gardens! Farmers make a living by selling their plants, animals and animal products.

Being a farmer is hard work! Farmers care for their animals by giving them food and water. They plant and harvest crops. They make sure their plants and animals stay healthy. They also take care of the machines that help them farm, like tractors and plows.

We are thankful for the work farmers do and the important role they play in bringing food to our tables!

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    Farmers work long hours, but many truly enjoy spending time outside! Farmers also have important decisions to make, like which seeds to buy for the year ahead. 

    Many farmers are in charge of the workers who help them do their jobs. After all, it can take many helping hands to run a farm!

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    If you could be a farmer, which type of farmer would you like to be? If you enjoy working with animals, maybe you’d choose to be a dairy (cow) farmer, a poultry (chicken) farmer or a livestock (horses, cows, pigs, goats...) farmer. If you have fun gardening, maybe plants are for you and growing crops would be of interest!

    What would you enjoy most about working outside with plants or animals? For example, maybe you’d like the fresh air or spending time with other living things!

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