What does a builder do?

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Do you like to build things, like birdhouses, or dollhouses, or miniature towns for your toy trains and cars to go through? If so, then maybe some day you’d like to be a builder!
While the tasks of a builder vary from case to case, most builders are the people who are responsible for coordinating different aspects of construction in the building of a house, a school, an office, a bridge, a tunnel, and so on! These structures are usually designed by an architect (who creates the blueprints for what the structure will look like and how it will provide what is needed to those who will use it) and then overseen by a builder during their construction.
Builders often begin their job by helping to obtain building permits and by surveying land so that they know what to keep in mind while building on it, such as its drainage and natural vegetation. Once the builder establishes that the property is ready, building begins! Builders are on-sight during construction making sure that all of the aspects of the structure are built properly and according to plan
During the building of a house, for example, the builder might first oversee the laying of the foundation followed by the frame of the house and the roof. The builder might then start to work with plumbers and electricians to install running water and wiring for electricity! Other people might then come like carpenters (who put in flooring), landscapers (who put in the yard), and painters (who paint the house inside and out!). Because they organize the work of these other tradesmen, builders must know a lot about each of these fields, so they can know when a job is being done well! A builder also coordinates the tasks of all the workers to make sure that things are not only done well, but in the right order. – Imagine what would happen if the painter arrived to paint the upstairs bedroom before the carpenter had finished building the stairs!
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    How do I become a builder?
    To become a builder, you must have good math skills and know a lot about carpentry, engineering, and physics. Professional builders undergo special training, depending on what they want to build, and sometimes require special licenses or permits according to where they live and work. Perhaps most importantly of all, builders must love the work of building and be passionate and dedicated to their job!
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    When you make and build things, what are some of your favorite materials to work with? Do you like to make tall, skyscraper-like structures out of blocks, or do you prefer using glue and Popsicle sticks? Other things you might like to build with could include balsa wood, clay, or even playing cards! Maybe you’ve even made a house out of gingerbread or something else edible!
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