What do people eat in Italy?

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Italian cuisine is well known to many people around the world. Meals in Italy are usually given great importance, and people often eat slowly to savor and enjoy their food and the experience of eating.

Italian cooking is usually said to have developed regionally; after the fall of the Roman Empire, Italy became a group of individually governed states which all developed their own foods and cooking styles. These varied cooking style and unique dishes have all come together to create what we know today as Italian cooking! 

The north of Italy is often known for developing polenta (boiled cornmeal) and rice dishes. Additionally, pasta dishes in the north were often made with butter-based or cream sauces, as opposed to in the south, where they were often made using tomato sauces with olive oil. Pizza is often famously traced to Naples, and Parmesan cheese to the city of Parma! (Hence the name!) In addition to Parmesan, Italy is known for producing hundreds of types of cheeses, particularly mozzarella

Some of the herbs and spices commonly used in Italian cuisine include basil, oregano, rosemary, sage, and thyme. Olive oil, garlic, and tomatoes also make frequent appearances in Italian dishes, in addition to seafood – Italy is surrounded by water on three sides! Well-known Italian dishes include linguine alla vongole (thin, flat pasta noodles with clam sauce), fettuccini alfredo (wider, flat pasta noodles with cream sauce and cheese), risotto (rice cooked in broth), and lasagna (wide pasta noodles layered with tomato sauce, cheese, vegetables, or meat). – Yum! 
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