What do people eat in India?

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India is a large country with the second-largest population of any country in the world which, as of 2008, was over one billion people! So, what do all of these people eat?

Because it is a big place, many of the food tendencies in India are regional, based on factors such as the availabilities of an area and the religious dietary restrictions of its people.

In the north of India, flatbreads called “chapati” are a commonly-eaten food, as well as biryani (a rice dish with vegetables or meat) and korma (a creamy stew-like dish made by braising). Tandoori cooking, using a clay oven over a charcoal fire, is also often found in the north. Marinated meats on kebab skewers and naan, a type of bread, are both common tandoori foods. 

In the south of India, rice is much more common than wheat. Along with rice, many people eat curries, dal (legumes like chickpeas and lentils), and dosas, which are savory stuffed flatbreads cooked like pancakes. 

Western India has many vegetarians. Coconut and seafood are popular ingredients. A type of bread called “roti” is also commonly served with a meal. In eastern India, seafood is again very common, but this region is also known for its special, delicious sweets that are often made with dairy products. – Yum! 

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