What do people eat in France?

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French cooking is well known in many places around the world for its sophistication and for the influences it has had on the cuisines of many other places! Meals in France, whether basic or elaborate, are usually given great importance and are eaten slowly so that diners may enjoy each other’s company and the foods they are eating.
The evolution of French food over time has been greatly informed by both history and geography. In certain parts of France, nearby neighbors such as Italy and Germany have influenced the foods of those regions. In particular, many sources cite the marriage of Catherine de Medici of Italy to King Henry II of France in 1533 as an important event that changed French food. – When Catherine de Medici came to France, she brought with her many of her cooks and her culinary practices, which came to be incorporated into French cooking and French life! 
One of the most essential parts of most meals in France is a baguette, a special type of crusty bread that is long and narrow in shape. Cheese is also a common part of many meals. France is well-known for making hundreds of types of cheeses including Roquefort, camembert, and brie. 
Some famous French dishes include the croque-monsieur (a sandwich made with baguette bread, ham, and cheese), bouillabaisse (a fish soup native to the Mediterranean coast of the country), Quiche Lorraine (a savory egg and cream custard usually made with ham or bacon and baked in a pastry shell), and Salade Niçoise (a special salad with tuna and hard boiled egg). – Delicious! 
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    As with other places, people in France enjoy a wide variety of foods. While some of these might be traditionally French, others are foods and customs from other cultures, too! 
    In French cooking, the presentation of food is often considered to be just as important as its taste! 
    How do you think a meal is made better when food looks appealing and is presented nicely? Would it make you appreciate your food even more to see that time and care has been put into how it looks and now just how it tastes? If a food were served in an appealing way, do you think it would make you more likely to try something new or different??
    Next time you’re helping to prepare some food with your family, try taking a few extra minutes to enhance its presentation before you sit down to enjoy! 
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