What do horses eat?

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A horse’s favorite lunch (and dinner, and breakfast) is nothing other than good ol’ grass! In addition to grazing on pasture, horses also often eat things like hay, oats, barley, and bran. For a treat, horses are sometimes given carrots, bread, and sugar. (Yum!) Horses also need some salt, and many are given salt-licks to enjoy! 
In addition to this, horses need lots and lots of water to drink. – They drink about 5-10 gallons a day! (That’s about 10-20 times as much as the average grown-up!!) 
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    If you’re helping to care of a horse (or any other animal), remember to always follow the care and feeding instructions of the grown-ups you are working with. Horses and other animals can be overfed, or can get sick if they eat things they aren’t meant to have. Help keep pets and other animals happy and healthy!
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    Aside from horses, what other animals do you know of that like to eat grass?? One great example is cows! Another neat one is buffalo! Have you learned about any others? What other kinds of animals do you know about, and what do they like to eat??
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