What did dinosaurs eat?

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Because dinosaurs have been extinct for about 65 million years, it’s difficult for scientists and paleontologists to know exactly what dinosaurs ate. However, they’re often able to gather clues from characteristics of a dinosaur’s fossils (like the size of the teeth or the sharpness of claws) or occasionally (but very rarely) from preserved contents of a dinosaur’s last meal or even a little bit of dino poop!
In terms of their diet, most dinosaurs are classified as either “meat eaters” (carnivores) or “plant eaters” (herbivores). Some examples of well-known meat eaters include Tyrannosaurs Rex and Velociraptor, while examples of plant eaters include Stegosaurus and Triceratops.   
For meat eaters, food meant mostly eating other dinos or prehistoric animals. It’s possible that some of the meat eaters hunted, while other just scavenged. Plant eaters, on the other hand, stuck to mostly things more like leaves and seeds. – Scientists also believe that some dinosaurs probably ate both plants and meat, just like we do!!
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