What are leeches?

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Leeches are dark-colored worms, but these worms are unlike any other! Their bodies are made of around 30 different segments, and they are well-known for having suckers at both ends. They may use these suckers to help them move from place to place and feed on the blood of other creatures.
Some leeches are small, while others can be longer than eight inches when stretched! Some leeches suck blood, while others eat broken down plant matter or creatures like earthworms. Many leeches live in bodies of water, such as streams and swamps.
Believe it or not, leeches can even suck the blood of people, which can actually be helpful! Did you know that leeches are sometimes used to help patients keep blood flowing to specific parts of the body? Leech saliva contains a substance that keeps the blood from clotting, which can be helpful to certain patients.
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    When a doctor places a medicinal leech on a body part, the leech attaches its sucker, exposes its teeth, then bites the patient. But this is a helpful bite! Did you know that leech saliva has a natural anesthetic that keeps its host from feeling pain from the bite? The leech can then do its job of dilating (widening) the blood vessels so more blood can flow to an area of the body in need!
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