The Polka-Dot Bug - How did the Ladybug get it's name?

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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful bug known as The Polka-Dot Bug. The Polka-Dot Bug got its name from the big black polka-dots on its back, and it was one of everyone’s favorite bugs!

Just like all children, young Polka-Dot Bugs went to school. Polka-Dot Bug school was called the Aphid Academy because it was there that little boy and girl Polka-Dot Bug’s learned about their most important job: Eating small bugs called “aphids,” who cause damage to plants and flowers.

All of the polka-dotted students at Aphid Academy had a favorite teacher. Her name was Lucy-Bug, but the kids called her Miss Bug. Miss Bug often took her classes on field trips to visit flowers or other plants in the garden where they lived, called Polka-Dotville. Field trips were a lot of fun -- the class would fly together to a nearby plant and learn about the aphids they would find. Then, they’d clean up the flower or plant using their Awesome Aphid-Alleviation Techniques and fly back to school in time for the end of class!

But one day, while sweeping a sunflower, Miss Bug’s class encountered an unexpected problem. The flowers in their garden were being picked up out of the ground! All of the kids in Miss Bug’s class knew that this meant Polka-Dotville was in trouble.

“Oh no!” called Larry, one of the students in the class. “Our garden!”
“What do we do?” cried Lisa, another Polka-Dot Bug classmate.
“Stay calm,” Miss Bug told her students. “We’re going to be okay, and so is our garden. We’re going to save Polka-Dotville! Do you remember what we learned about Memorable Exits?”

The class nodded. “Good,” said Miss Bug. “Then on my count: One… two… three!!”

As Miss Bug yelled “three!” all of the young Polka-Dot Bugs quickly flew up into the air! There was a swarm of polka-dots all over the garden!! The people picking the flowers quickly understood the message that these flowers, and the Polka-Dotville, should be left in peace.

The flower-pickers left. Miss Bug and her class were safe! They congratulated each other on a job well done. “You saved us, Miss Bug! You’re our hero!!” the class called.

News of Miss Bug’s bravery spread quickly among the other Polka-Dot Bugs. “What a great story!” they’d all say. “Miss Bug really is quite a lady!” Other bugs who lived near by also started getting word of this incredible lady. Pretty soon, she was just being called “Lady Bug”!

Because she was such a hero for saving her class and the entire town of Polka-Dotville, Miss Bug, now known as Lady Bug, became a symbol for all of the other Polka-Dot Bugs. And so, from then on, all Polka-Dot Bugs were known as “Ladybugs”!

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