What is a primate?

A primate is an animal belonging to a group of mammals that includes monkeys, apes, lemurs, lorises, tarsiers, and even humans! Primates are some of the smartest animals on Earth. Although there are more than 300 types of primates, there are certain characteristics they all have in common!

For starters, primates have hands that can grasp. Can your dog swing from the monkey bars? No! Your dog is not a primate, and he doesn’t have grasping hands or feet. Do humans have grasping feet? No, but other primates do! In addition, primates have fingerprints, as well as finger nails instead of claws.

Rather than having a whole litter of babies, primates typically give birth to one baby at a time. In addition, primates have a longer life span than other animals. For example, some lemurs can live for 30 or more years, while humans can live much longer!

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    In addition to the qualities you’ve just learned, primates can see in color. Furthermore, both eyes face forward, allowing for depth perception, or the ability to see the world in 3-D. In fact, when it comes to primates, their sense of sight is more powerful than their sense of smell. 

    Another fun fact: Primates have large brains for their body size, a sign of true intelligence! 

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