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Ho Ho Ho! From Santa to Rudolph and beyond, Christmas is full of magical moments and imaginative inquiring! Use these read-aloud Q&A with your young kids to answer all of their cutest questions about these beloved holiday characters!      


How does Santa know what I wish for?

When it comes to Christmas, lots of boys and girls have very specific things they want to find under the tree or in their stockings! Santa always does his best to get it right, and uses his mysterious, magical ways to know exactly what it is that you want!   

There are a few ways you can help him out, though! Making a list is one great way. Lists for Santa can either be mailed to special addresses or given to your parents – they have secret ways of making sure he gets it. Santa also now accepts email through a few different websites! Ask the grown-ups in your house if you can check that out!!   

Don't forget that if you don't get every single present you wanted, it doesn't mean your list didn't go through or that Santa doesn't like you. Santa has to make sure he has enough presents to bring a few things to every boy and girl who celebrates Christmas! Plus, sometimes Santa has other special things in mind for you that aren't on your list – take a close look at what you got!

Why are Santa's helpers elves?

People all over the world have believed in elves for a very long time, usually describing them as special creatures who are small and sometimes fairy-like, with pointed ears and magical abilities, and sometimes a hint of mischief.

Even though elves have been around for such a long time, it wasn’t until the mid-1800s (about 150 years ago) that people first started to recognize their role as Santa’s Helpers. But because elves are so special, many people believe it’s only natural for them to be the helpers of someone like Santa Claus, who is also pretty special! According to legend, Santa’s elves help him with everything from making toys to keeping lists of boys and girls to polishing his sleigh and more!

What is Mrs. Claus’s job?

Just as Santa Claus is a bit of a mystery, so is his wife, Mrs. Claus! But we know a bit about what Santa does, both on Christmas Eve and year-round. So what about Mrs. Claus? What’s her job??

Nobody knows for sure what Mrs. Claus does, but the possibilities are endless! Some people think her main role is to support Santa by preparing a good meal before he flies off with his reindeer, or that she helps just like the elves, by keeping track of lists and making toys. Others think she might do something different or unrelated to Christmas altogether, like work as a veterinarian (specializing in reindeer!) or as a school-teacher in the North Pole! It’s also possible that Mrs. Claus is actually the secret brains behind the whole operation of Santa’s presents on Christmas!!

Do you have any good ideas about what Mrs. Claus might do all year round, and on Christmas Eve??

Is Santa Claus real?

Lots of people – both kids and grown-ups – have wondered if Santa Claus is real. Is there actually a man who shimmies down chimneys to bring presents to boys and girls all over the world on Christmas Eve?

Because some people find it hard to believe, you might hear people say that Santa isn't real, and for some people he might not be – perhaps because they practice another religion or maybe because they just don't believe that miracles are possible. But even though some people might be doubtful, many others know in their hearts that Christmas is magical and Santa is real!

Lots of very amazing things that happen in the world are hard to explain and wondrous feats happen to people every day! – It's up to every individual person to decide for themselves if they believe or not.

…What do you believe?

Why does Rudolph have a red nose?

Most kids already know the tale of Rudolph, Santa’s special reindeer whose bright, glowing red nose lights the way for Santa and his sled full of presents on a particularly foggy Christmas Eve. But why is Rudolph’s nose so red in the first place??

No one knows for sure why or how Rudolph’s nose glows so brightly red, but there are some good possibilities! Many people think Rudolph’s red nose is Christmas Magic at its best! Without the light from Rudolph’s glowing nose, Santa’s sleigh would have to navigate through the dark on Christmas Eve! Other people think that Rudolph’s red nose might have started out as a cold (achoo!) or that maybe it illuminates thanks to the same stuff that gives fireflies their special glow!

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