How many times does the heart beat in a day?

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Your heart beats in order to help move blood and oxygen all over your body. How quickly your heart beats depends a little on what you’re doing and the specifics of each person’s individual body! 

The average adult’s heart beats about 70 times every minute. Of course, the number of beats per minute will speed up for certain circumstances (such as exercise or nervousness) and will also slow down for other circumstances (such as resting or sleeping). A person’s average number of heart beats will also vary depending on how healthy and fit that person is. Very athletic people usually have much lower heart rates when resting than other people – some athletes’ hearts beat only 40 to 60 times per minute when they are resting!

But if you take the average of about 70 beats per minute and then multiply it by 1,440 minutes in a day, then you could roughly estimate that a person’s heart beats about 100,800 times per day!

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