How is aluminum foil made?

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Reflective like a mirror, yet thin like paper! How is aluminum foil made??

Aluminum foil is a very common and popularly used material. The idea behind foil is to take a solid metal and process it until it’s very, very thin. Aluminum foil is made from materials that naturally occur in the earth. Making these materials into the roll of foil found in most homes is a process done in factories by very large machines that melt the materials at high temperatures, mold them into large, heavy, solid blocks of aluminum (ingots), and then use pressure roll the huge slabs over and over until they thin out!



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  • Further information

    Even though the materials that make aluminum foil are found easily in the Earth, that doesn't mean that aluminum foil is something that should be wasted! Use only as little aluminum foil as you have to and don't forget that many sheets of foil can be re-used a second time and don't necessarily need to be thrown out. Less can often be more!

  • Exploration

    Name that material!

    Lots of people also refer to “aluminum foil” as “tin foil,” because the same product that is now mostly made of aluminum used to be mostly made from tin, and many of people still sometimes just use the older name anyway!

    What are some other materials and substances you’ve learned about? Some good examples might be gold, silver, glass, paper, and plastic! 

    Think about some similarities between certain materials. For example, gold, silver, and aluminum are all shiny! Why do you think this is? Could be it similarities in where all three substances come from, or how they are made? What other similarities can you think of, and what reasons might there be for those likenesses??


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