How fast does sound travel?

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A sound is a wave of energy. It’s caused when something vibrates. It could be vibrations caused by our vocal chords when we talk, it could be vibrations caused when a hammer hits a nail, or it could be vibrations from a bumblebee’s wings flapping. Those vibrations travel quickly through the air to our ears!

In dry air at 32°F or 0°C, sound travels 1,086 feet or 331 meters every second! That’s longer than a football field and it only takes a second!

Sound doesn’t only travel through air though. It can travel through different gases, liquids and solids, and it travels at different speeds. In water, at 86°F or 30°C, sound is much faster. It travels at 4,950 feet or 1509 meters a second! That’s much faster than a person could run and faster than most planes can fly!  

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