How does Velcro work?

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Velcro is actually a brand name. It’s a special company called Velcro International that makes it. It’s the same as how Coca-cola makes a special soda called Coca-cola or Coke. The generic (or general) name for Velcro is “hook-and-loop fastener,” but that’s a lot less fun to say!  

Velcro is pretty simple. There are two pieces. One has hooks, usually a lot of them that are very small and made of flexible plastic. The other has loops, which are made of soft fabric strings. When the two meet, the hooks get caught in the loops. They get tangled and stick together! If it were just one hook and one loop, there wouldn’t be a very strong stick, but because there are a lot of them, Velcro is actually really strong!

The ripping sound that you hear when pulling Velcro apart is the sound of many hooks pulling away from many loops!    


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