How does the weatherman know what the forecast will be?

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When you turn on your computer, TV, or radio to check the weather, the forecast you get has been reported by a weatherman, also known as a meteorologist

Meteorologists are types of scientists whose main field of study is atmosphere and weather! Although the weathermen you might be most familiar with are the ones you see on TV, there are lots of other meteorologists working in other places, too. Meteorologists are needed by government agencies, environmental groups, researchers, and more! The work that weathermen do to predict the weather is relied on by lots of people, beyond just citizens who want to know if they need a jacket or an umbrella! Think, for example, about how much the forecast will affect a farmer or an airline!

So… what does a weatherman actually do to predict the weather? Using their knowledge of science, meteorologists study things like the movement of wind, the formation of clouds, and the rise or fall of temperatures. To do this, they often use tools like thermometers or barometers in addition to special equipment like computers, radar, and satellites. In addition to what they can observe and measure, meteorologists use their knowledge of the history of weather patterns. Knowing how certain weather phenomena have worked in the past can help them predict how they will work again! 


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    Be your own weatherman



    Even though “mother nature” sometimes changes her mind about the weather, being able to predict what the weather will most likely be is very helpful! It can help people avoid being caught in the middle of a bad storm, and it can clue you in to whether or not you need to put on some extra sunscreen when you go to the park!
    Every day for a week, do your best to look for weather clues! What do the clouds look like? Do you feel a lot of wind? What kind of weather do you think that means you’re going to have tomorrow? Check out things like what the moon looks like and whether or not the skies are clear in the evenings. 
    How accurate are your weather predictions? What kinds of patterns did you notice? – Are you ready to start your own new career as a meteorologist!?
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