How does sheep's wool become a sweater?

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Just like animals such as dogs and cats have their own kind of fur or hair, the special kind of fur that grows from animals like sheep, llamas, goats, alpacas, and even rabbits is known as “wool.” The difference between wool and other animals’ hair has to do with things like the special way it grows and its tendency to be sort of curly. 
When your hair starts to get long, do you ever go and get a haircut? – This is the same thing that happens to sheep and other wooly animals when their hair gets really long! (And don’t worry – just like you, this doesn’t hurt the sheep at all.) A sheep’s special haircut is often known as a “shearing,” and usually sheep are shorn about once a year, often in the spring.
After being cut from the sheep, the wool goes through several special processes to change it from the fur of an animal into a fabric you can wear! These processes include sorting, cleaning, and often spinning the wool into yarn, for knitting! – COOL!
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