How does an egg become a chicken?

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Believe it or not, an egg is a chicken before it has been born! Baby chickens grow inside eggs the mother has laid and the father has fertilized, which is what makes the egg ready to grow a baby. This is different from most mammals (animals like dogs, cats, and humans), who all give birth to live babies instead of laying eggs from which the baby hatches.

The eggs you eat are different than the eggs with baby chickens inside of them. Even though they both come from a chicken (hen), the eggs you buy and eat are eggs that never had a baby chicken growing inside because they were never fertilized by a father chicken (rooster).

When a mother hen has laid a fertilized egg that grows a baby chicken inside of it, the mother must sit on the egg for 21 days in order to keep it warm until the baby is done growing and is ready to hatch!


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