How does a speaker make sound?

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You’re picking up good vibrations! 

Through speakers, we can hear our favorite bands play songs for us right in our homes. Of course we’re not hearing them live, but we are hearing almost perfect copies of the sound they made.  

It’s important to know that sound is actually vibrations in the air. Vibrations are a type of energy that we can feel. Our ears pick up these vibrations, and our brains explain them to us as sound.  Our music players, our computers and our televisions send electronic signals to speakers. Those signals tell the speakers how to recreate the original vibrations of the sound that was recorded.  It’s like the speakers are doing a really good impression! 

You might be surprised how speakers are able to make these vibrations. Many use magnets! Electricity sent through the wires in the speakers can either make the magnets pull toward each other, or it can make them push away from each other. That can happen very quickly and very fast! One of the magnets in a speaker is attached to a cone, and as it’s pushed and pulled, the cone hits the air and makes vibrations.  This makes the sound we hear!  


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    Feel the Music!


    Some people are unable to hear sound, but a lot of people who can’t hear sound really like to dance to music.  What are they dancing to if they can’t hear? Are they pretending they can hear??


    They can feel the music! Have you ever been in a car with loud music playing and you can feel the car shake with the beat?  The car speakers are sending out vibrations that can be heard as sound and felt too! Those vibrations have rhythm, just like the music we hear, and even if some people can’t use their sense of hearing to experience the sound, they can use their sense of touch to feel it.


    Loud music makes for good vibrations, but be careful never to have the volume up too high when listening to music. Loud noises can actually hurt your ears and ruin your ability to hear things.  You should always be able to hear someone speaking to you over your music. If people need to shout for you to hear them, turn your music down. Your ears will thank you! 

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