How does a drawbridge work?

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A drawbridge is special bridge used to enter castles.  They usually cross a moat, which is a big ditch or body of water that surrounds a castle.  

Drawbridges are used for defense! Hundreds of years ago there weren't planes, and there weren't tanks or big bombs. In order to attack a castle, invaders had to get inside of it. Fortunately, drawbridges can be raised and lowered! By using chains or ropes and winding them up, one end of the bridge can actually be lifted into the air!  With no bridge, invaders would have a hard time crossing the moat.  

Drawbridges were very heavy, so in addition to the chains and ropes, there was usually a counterweight (a really heavy object)   inside the castle that helped the people in the castle pull the bridge up.

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