How does a dog whistle work?

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You’ve probably noticed that not all sounds are the same – we often say their “pitch” is different, with certain sounds having a higher pitch than others. Believe it or not, many animals can hear noises with such a high pitch that humans can’t even hear them! It might be hard to believe that something you can’t see or hear could exist, but it’s true!

Because animals like dogs and cats can hear really high-pitched noises that we can’t hear, it can be useful when trying to train them to use special “dog whistles” that give off a unique sound only they can hear! The dog whistle was invented by a man named Francis Galton, and it works because of the way it’s shaped. A whistle with a shorter tube makes a higher pitched sound than a whistle with a longer tube. That’s why dog whistles are very small and short: they make a very, very high-pitched sound! This noise can be a signal to a dog who is being trained, and it won’t bother the ears of any humans near by at the same time!

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    Doggy Differences

    Aside from being able to hear different sounds than us, what are some other differences you know about between dogs, cats, and humans?

    One good example is sight. While humans can see many different color shades, dogs can’t see quite as many! Cats also have different eyesight than humans because they’re able to see really well in the dark!

    What are some other differences you know of?? Why do you think different animals are each built differently?
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