How do squirrels remember where they've buried nuts?

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Squirrels collect nuts during the fall in preparation for winter, when there's less food and they'll need something to eat! Some types of squirrels, like the Red Squirrel, collect their nuts in piles. Others, like the Gray Squirrel, bury their nuts in the ground. So if a Gray Squirrel is scurrying all over and hiding nuts everywhere, how does it remember where the food is hidden??!Ҭ

Different studies have shown different methods behind squirrels’ abilities to remember where they’ve buried food. Some say that squirrels use their sense of smell, while other say they use landmarks, such as trees and other plants. In other instances, it’s been shown that squirrels seem to not only bury nuts, but also bury “fake” nuts! – In order to trick other squirrels or different animals from finding their stash, some squirrels dig holes in which they bury nothing, but pretend to have buried nuts! 

Although it might seem strange that squirrels bury nuts in so many different places instead of keeping them all together in one safe place, the practice actually makes quite a lot of sense: In case another animal finds a squirrel’s stash, he or she doesn’t lose everything by having it spread out in many various places! – Now that's pretty smart!!

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