How do plants make food?

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What are some of the most essential things that people and other animals need to survive? Water, food, and oxygen from the air are among the most important. Clothing and shelter are good answers, too.

Just like there are certain essentials to humans’ and animals’ survival, plants have certain things they need too! – The things that plants cannot live without are water, carbon dioxide from the air, sunlight, and nutrients in the ground! Plants use these things in a special process called “photosynthesis” which allows them to make their own food, which is why they don’t need to eat! Plants contain a special helper called “chlorophyll” (which is what makes them green!) which makes photosynthesis possible. 

Another really special thing about the way plants make food has to do with how they use the air they breathe! While humans breathe in the part of air known as “oxygen” and breathe out the part known as “carbon dioxide,” plants do the opposite! That’s one of the reasons why it’s so important that we don’t cut down too many trees – they help us to always have enough oxygen to breathe!

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