How do birds make nests?

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When you think of birds' nests, you may picture them tucked into nooks on the branches of trees, but not all birds nest in trees. You can find birds' nests in many different places, from the surfaces of marshes to under the ground.     
What do you think birds use to build nests? A bird's choice of building materials depends on where it lives and the types of supplies it can find in the area. Grass, moss, string, lichen, soil, twigs, feathers, rocks and bits of shells are all examples of nest-building items. Some birds make hundreds or thousands of trips to and from the nest to gather building supplies!
A bird's beak is an important tool, both for carrying nesting items and for nest construction. Birds may weave nesting materials or use mud, their saliva, or other sticky items like spider webs to hold their nests together.     
Some nests are shaped like cups and bowls and rest in trees, while others hang like sacks from branches. Some nests are flat, while others are round like a ball. Some nests look like piles of leaves and sticks, and others look like dents in the ground.
Nests come in a variety of shapes and sizes, proving that birds are some of nature's true builders!

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