How do birds drink water?

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Since birds have beaks instead of lips, it might seem like it would be pretty hard for them to drink water. Like other animals, birds must drink water to survive. So how do they do it??

Different birds each have their own method for drinking water, depending on the type of bird and how much water they need. For example, birds such as pelicans who have beaks that are deep like buckets sometimes drink water by simply opening their mouths and collecting rain! Other birds, like doves and pigeons, put their beaks into water and then sip the water up. Many birds also drink by lowering their beaks into water and then tilting their heads back to send the water down!

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    Birds such as hummingbirds don’t end up needing to drink very much at all. Because their diet contains so much liquidy nectar, they take in most of their water just by eating!

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