How did the ladybug get its name?

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People who have gardens and farms usually love ladybugs! Not only are they pretty, but ladybugs eat aphids -- insects who are harmful to the plants of gardeners or farmers. Because of this, ladybugs are pretty universally praised, so most likely people started calling them “Lady Bug” to show their respect and appreciation for these special insects!

In spite of their name, don’t be fooled: Not all ladybugs are girls! The same name is used for both the girl and the boy ladybugs. Scientifically, the name for the Family they belong to is “Coccinellidae.” (Try saying that four times fast!)

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  • Further information

    Many sources say that ladybugs get their name from the praise of a specific Lady. In Europe, many years ago (the Middle Ages), farmers were having their crops ruined by insects and pests. They prayed to the Virgin Mary for help. When lots of pretty red-and-black beetle arrived and ate the pests who were ruining their crops, the farmers called these hero-bugs “The Beetles of Our Lady.” Eventually, “Beetle of Our Lady” was shortened to Lady Beetle (a name still used in some places) or Lady Bug.

  • Exploration

    There are lots and lots of beliefs, stories, and traditions associated with the Lucky Ladybug and what her (or his!) presence in your life might mean!

    For example, some people say that if a ladybug lands on you, the number of black spots on its back is the number of children you’ll some day have! Similarly, other people think the number of spots is the number of dollars you’ll soon find!

    What kinds of cool ladybug legends have you heard about?



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