How big is the brain?

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Your brain is a very important part of your body, like a control center for all of the things you do! The brain helps you know when you are hungry, hurt, tired, and more!

The average human brain in a grown-up weighs about three pounds. Ask a grown-up to help you find something that weighs three pounds, like a bag of potatoes, to get an idea of how much this is! In a newborn baby, the brain only weighs about three-quarters of a pound. – That means most brains more than triple in size from when you’re a baby to when you’re an adult!

The actual size or weight of someone’s brain or head doesn’t have anything to do with how smart he or she is. Studying, paying attention, and doing your best is what matters the most!

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    Brainy Business!

    Have a grown-up help you find some pictures in a magazine or newspaper of people at different ages, like babies, elementary school kids, teens, and adults. Take a look at all of the pictures and list some observations about the size of each individual’s head compared to his or her body.

    Do you notice that babies have bigger heads compared to their bodies, and that as people get older, the size difference changes? Instead of having to wait until they’re much older, how do you think it’s helpful to babies to be born with brains that are already pretty big??


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