How big is a giant octopus?

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Some of the world’s creatures are pretty big: From huge, burly elephants to gentle, giant whales and tall-necked giraffes, animals can get pretty big! But there are also some pretty big creatures you might see less often, like the giant octopus! – Just how big is a giant octopus?

Most giant octopuses are about 16 feet across and 50-110 pounds in weight, but some as big as 30 feet and 600 pounds have also been found! In spite of their huge size, they’re very small when they’re born – only about as big as a single granule of rice! 


Aside from their size, another really neat thing about the giant octopus is how smart it is! Giant octopuses that have been studied by scientists have been known to figure out mazes and even remember the solutions. Some were even able to open jars!


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    While a creature that can grow to be this big might seem scary, you probably don’t have anything to worry about – giant octopuses (and giant squids) live in very deep, dark parts of the ocean, so it’s unlikely that you’ll ever see one unless you’re at an aquarium or watching a TV show. (Phew!)
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    Super-size it!

    One of the things that might seem the most strange about a giant octopus is that it’s like a bigger version of something that you’re used to seeing in a smaller size! Think about some other things you’re used to seeing in a certain size that would be funny or weird in a bigger version. 

    Draw a picture of what it would be like if we suddenly discovered some of these large-sized things, like giant ladybugs or really enormous tulips! – How weird!!

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