Famous Women in History!

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Even though we can’t sum up the accomplishments of women in history in just one round-up, here are five of our favorite Famous Historical Women! Some common themes in their stories? – Perseverance, virtue, determination, and standing up for what you know is right regardless of what anyone else thinks!

- Susan B. Anthony: One of the most famous names in the suffrage movement, Susan B. Anthony fought for equal voting rights for all Americans! (She’s also the very first woman to have her face on an American coin!)    

- Amelia Earhart: An adventurous and courageous aviator, Amelia Earhart is perhaps most famous for being the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic!  

- Helen Keller: Having lost her sight and hearing when she was just 19 months old, Helen Keller is remembered for learning to read, write, and communicate in spite of her impairments with the help of her teacher Anne Sullivan Macy!   

- Rosa Parks: The “mother of the Civil Rights Movement,” Rosa Parks’ refusal to give up her bus seat triggered important change in the United States and became a major moment in American history!

- Eleanor Roosevelt: A humanitarian and the powerful, outspoken “First Lady of the World,” Eleanor Roosevelt stood up for equal rights for all people even when it wasn’t the popular choice to make!

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