Do fish have ears?

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If you’ve ever looked up close at a fish in an aquarium or a fish bowl, you’ve probably had trouble spotting the fish’s ears. That’s because fish don’t have ears on the outside of their bodies like we do!

Fish are able to hear, thanks to special ear-like structures on the inside of their bodies. These “inner ears” allow fish to pick up on sounds underwater. Even though fish don’t use their hearing to talk, like we do, being able to pick up sounds helps them know about other underwater creatures who might be swimming along near by, which can be helpful if the creature is a big hungry shark!

A fish who is underwater or in a tank probably can’t hear you if you try to talk to it. If you’re in the water with the fish, such as a lake, the fish might be able to hear the noises you make, although it would be pretty fishy business if the fish was able to understand you!

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