Do fish go to sleep?

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If fish live underwater, how do they go to sleep? Do they just sleep floating around in the middle of the water, or do they lie down somewhere at the bottom of the ocean and use a small rock or some seaweed as a pillow to make a “water-bed”??

Essentially, most fish do “sleep,” although the way they sleep is slightly different than the way humans and lots of other land animals sleep. – Most scientists agree that the way fish sleep might be more like what we consider “rest,” even though it’s believed to be like sleeping to the fish. 

All fish “sleep” or “rest” in a different way, but for most it involves spending time staying mostly still, conserving (saving) energy, and partially “tuning out.” Lots of fish hide in small corners near rocks or coral during this time in order to protect themselves while they get their fishy zzz’s! 

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    Something fishy – sleeping underwaterNext time you’re around an aquarium of fish, watch some of the fish and see if you can spot one that seems to be “resting” or “sleeping”.

    What time of day is it when you see the fish who is “sleeping”? Has the fish gone to the bottom of the aquarium to hide in a corner near a rock?

    What are some other things that are special and different about fish which you’ve learned about? For example, fish do not breathe air because they have gills instead of lungs. Also, fish have fins instead of arms and legs. Think of as many fishy things as you can!



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