Do birds burp?

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Birds and humans are similar in certain ways, but different in many others! Beaks versus mouths, wings versus arms, feathers versus hair! – So then, can birds burp, like we can?

While not a lot of people have studied bird belches, most experts agree that birds most likely could burp if they ever needed to. One reason that these experts say birds could probably burp if necessary is that their throats work in such a way that allows movement in both directions; certain types of birds use regurgitation when they feed their young, meaning that for at least some birds, things like food or air can somewhat move both up and down in their throats. Additionally, there are some birds who are known for making a burp-like sound which involves passing air through parts of the throat in a burp-like way! 

Since researchers don’t seem to be studying bird burps very closely, the best way to find out whether or not a bird can burp might be to watch, listen, and try to see for yourself! You can start your very own study right in your own backyard or the local park!

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