Do baby bees have stingers?

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Do you know what a baby bee looks like?  How about a baby butterfly? Or a baby housefly? Insects don’t grow the same way we do.  We look pretty much like people our whole lives. We might be a little shorter as babies, but we still usually have all of our eyes, our ears, our arms, and our legs all the pieces we’ll have when we grow up!

Insects, like bees, are different! They have two very different parts of life where they look very different! The babies are called “larvae,” and they look more like tiny squiggly, wiggly white worms than they look like grown-up bees. During this stage, they don’t have wings and they don’t yet have their stingers ready to sting.

As larvae, young bees eat a lot of food so they have energy to turn into the adults. They age much quicker than people do, usually reaching adulthood by the time they are 16 – 24 DAYS old! When they are adults, they have all the stingers and wings we normally think of when we think of bees.

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    If you’re ever stung by a honeybee, it’s a female worker bee. The males don’t have stingers!
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    Bees Like Sweets!
    What do people and bees have in common? We both (most of us anyway) like to eat honey!

    Bees use honey for food just like we do. The difference is that they make it for themselves. They take nectar from flowers and they suck it up. The nectar mixes with special chemicals in their bodies and then they spit it back out! It may seem kind of gross, but it’s a lot less gross than when we spit something back out.

    What foods do you like to eat? Honey comes from bees, but what about other foods? Think about where food starts and how it gets to your plate. Does it come from animals? Does it come from plants? Is it made in a factory or grown on a farm?
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