Do animals sunburn?

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It's easy for a human to avoid getting a sunburn simply by putting on a hat or more sunscreen. But does an animal have to worry about UV rays as well?

Animals are just as likely to get sunburned as humans! Most animals' fur protects the skin for this very purpose, though species with light-colored fur are more apt to get burned because it's easier for light to reach their skin. Farm animals, such as cows and horses, are also more likely to get sunburned because the grasses they eat make their skin more sensitive to light.

However, some animals, like hippos, make their own "sunscreen" from their bodies' oils, while other animals, such as pigs, elephants, and rhinos, use mud or dust as a natural sunblock! And many of these animals will head straight for the shade on a hot day, because their natural instinct is telling them to get out of the sun and cool off!

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    Further information:
    If you're worried about a pet getting sunburned, there are a few things you can do to make them more comfortable during a hot summer:

      - Provide adequate shade for your pet to lounge in.
      - Try not to take them out during the hottest parts of the day (generally between 11AM and 3PM).
      - Make sure they have plenty of clean water to drink.
      - And always talk to your vet before putting sunscreen (or any product meant for humans) on your pet!

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