Do animals dream?

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When humans go to sleep, they go through several different stages of sleep, which include cycles of lighter sleep and of deeper sleep. Most dreaming occurs during a stage of deeper sleep known as REM sleep.  
Using special technology, scientists and researchers are able to measure how active the brain is during sleep and see when it goes through different cycles. By using this special technology to study the activity of animals’ brains during sleep, scientists have also been able to see that lots of different animals go through stages of sleep, just like we do. Knowing that these animals experience stages of sleep including REM sleep suggests that they dream during these stages just like humans! – Additionally, certain research has revealed patterns of activities in animals’ brains during sleep which indicate that animals are often not just dreaming, but are dreaming like we often do about certain activities from their lives!  
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    Dream it up!


    Research indicates that certain animals sometimes dream about experiences from their lives. 


    When not dreaming about experiences from their lives, what are some other things you think an animal might like to dream about? Do you think cats dream about catching mice, and dogs dream about eating big, juicy steaks? Maybe they dream about going to school or the beach! Make up some possible dreams that your favorite kind of animal might have, and draw a picture showing what it looks like!  
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