Do all animals sleep?

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We know that sleep is very important for humans. It gives our bodies and our brains time to rest, refresh, and develop so that we can concentrate, learn, and have fun when we’re awake! – But is every other creature the same way? Do all animals sleep??

Because there are so many different kinds of creatures in the world, it is hard to know for sure whether or not every single type of animal sleeps. And there are some creatures – like tiny bugs or deep-sea dwellers – who can be pretty hard to study.

What we do know is that at some point, most animals do appear to sleep or, at the very least, to rest in a sleep-like state. Most fish, for example, get their “sleep” by resting and conserving energy, often hiding to protect themselves from danger. Most insects also appear to have separate “sleep” or “rest” that is different from their waking time, although because most insects don’t have eyelids their sleep doesn’t always look the way we would expect! Animals with sleep habits more like our own tend to be mammals, although birds and lizards also seem to get their zzz’s in a very human-like way. Dream on!

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