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Do you scold, ask to do, make it a learning opportunity, simply say "things happen"? Please let us know how you handle mistakes. Book recommendations are welcome!

4 answers
Tricia Dec 15, 2016
If I realize that I've made a mistake, I usually except it and then try to make things normal. I see to it that I don't repeat it again.
caroline (Bussiness English) Jan 15, 2015
I think let the children know why it is mistake to help her to know how to prevent it in future. This is important.
Peri (Teacher) Nov 16, 2014
It really depends on the mistake but in general make it a learning experience. Help them to understand what happened, why it happened and how to prevent it in the future. It's also important to help children understand . That everyone makes mistakes, even grown ups.
F Oct 08, 2014
There is no need to say them to others knowing them in ur heart is enough .